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Outplacement and Support Services:

Helping HR teams with quality Career Transition Programs, organisational support, and strategic change advice.

The expert team at Arrow Human Capital outplacement providers, offers support for all sizes and types of organisation. Our career transition programs support your departing staff, while our change management advice helps maintain a focussed, thriving team, and a positive company reputation.

We can tailor a solution to take care of all your outplacement needs.


Organisational Support

Our organisational support services are key for managers and executives during a restructure. We can advise and train your management team regarding timing, communications, maintaining staff engagement and morale, and delivering the termination message. We also offer on-site job centres for departing staff, change management and recommitment advice. Leadership coaching is also available for high potential individuals, and our ‘survivor’ workshops help to reengage remaining staff.

Career Transition Programs

Our best-practice career transition programs are tailored to each individual departing staff member. Unlike other outplacement companies, we offer a unique modular system – a range of coaching modules chosen by the candidate. In this way we can cater appropriately to all staff levels, from clerical and labour staff, to top-end executives. Our executive outplacement programs can be designed to meet the specific coaching and lifestyle needs of busy executives.

Career Transition Strategy

We can tailor a comprehensive plan of action known as a career transition strategy – to minimise the impact of change and ensure support for all staff members, whether they are staying or moving on. Your tailored strategy may incorporate a number of our outplacement services. We can help with communicating change, provide career transition programs for those leaving, and may also recommend leadership training and career mentoring to upskill and help remaining employees transition into the changing business environment.

Notification Counselling and Support

Without proper support, departing employees may experience a great deal of negative emotion surrounding redundancy, making the transition a difficult time. Our notification counselling gives all transitioning employees support immediately after their notification, either onsite or within 24 hours at Arrow’s offices. It enables them to explore and air their feelings, discuss concerns, and gain sound advice on the way forward, and minimises the negative impact of change.

Job Centre Onsite

A professionally run onsite job centre will provide departing employees with support to help them transition into a new career. The centre is set up during departing employees’ notice periods, and is staffed by psychologists, career coaches and support staff, giving employees access to counsel, advice and career transition programs. Such a facility also signals to those retained that the organisation cares.

Psychological Services

Arrow can provide highly qualified psychologists who bring professional assistance, support and counselling for employees during transition. Our psychologists have a wealth of experience in helping employees at all levels work through their difficulties, including executives. In fact, psychological support available as part of an executive outplacement program may be the key to helping a departing executive flourish through change. Our organisational psychologists are also skilled at helping businesses improve performance through the understanding and motivation of their staff.

Change Management

Most organisations struggle with change, and a poorly implemented change process results in stress, conflict, the loss of key personnel and accumulated knowledge. If outplacement services are undertaken without this consideration, the organisation can lose both human and financial assets. Our change management services bring a structured approach to helping employees, teams and organisations embrace and utilise a change, to achieve the best outcomes for your business or organisation.

Site Closures and M&As

If your organisation is preparing for a site closure, merger or acquisition, you will likely need to make a large number of employees redundant. Arrow can provide project management support to help with strategic planning, communication strategies, union negotiations, individual or group dispute resolution, and onsite job centres for departing employees. As a forward-thinking leader amongst outplacement companies, we’re all about minimising negative impact and help employees move forwards into a new chapter.

Manufacturing Offshore

As businesses seek to streamline, more and more companies are offshoring their manufacturing, call centres, accounting and more. When this happens, staff left jobless need support to move on. During the offshoring planning, Arrow can advise about appropriate resources and services, facilitate dispute resolution regarding redundancies, and help your organisation to plan what support departing employees will be offered.

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