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Mediation & Conflict Management

Resolving workplace tension for happy and productive employees

Workplace conflict can cause professional relationships to break down, lowering productivity and job satisfaction. Dispute resolution involves unpacking the issues, finding the root of the problem and implementing strategies to repair the situation and avoid it from recurring in the future. Arrow Human Capital consultants can provide expert meditation services that improve organisations from the inside out.

Mediation and Conflict Management Services

Impartial consultants that provide expert mediation advice

Professional mediation services can help to rebuild broken relationships in the workplace. Being independent and impartial, Arrow Human Capital mediators can employ a confidential process with employees that builds their communication and dispute resolution skills when facing issues including personality clashes, harassment, office politics and poor team cohesion. By building these skills within the team, the process also helps employees to avoid finding themselves in similar situations in the future.

Developing systems to manage complaints

Where workplace tensions arise – particularly in situations where bullying and harassment are being reported – Human Resources teams can struggle to find a balance between the best interests of the individual and  those of the organisation. In these situations, advice from a third party specialist can make all the difference. Arrow Human Capital consultants can help to develop policies and procedures to assess and handle complaints.

Guiding teams through conflict management

The way conflict is managed within an organisation can have a big impact on staff productivity and morale. Arrow Human Capital offers conflict management workshops that provide teams with the skills and resources they need to skillfully address difficult situations – raising the ownership and responsibility of individual team members. Workshops may be implemented as a positive follow up to mediation services and other measures.

Building a positive workplace culture

Workplace culture is often defined at the top level, then permeates throughout the rest of the organisation. Arrow Human Capital consultants can host a culture workshop that helps to define and communicate the values of your organisation to the team.

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