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Mediation & Conflict Management

Resolving tension in the workplace

When conflicts occur in the workplace, it can affect productivity and cause relationships to break down. Dispute resolution involves discussing the issues properly, finding the root of the problem and implementing strategies to prevent them from recurring. Our conflict management experts can provide mediation services and dispute resolution that helps to improve all aspects of organisations internally.



Workplace Mediation

Professional mediation services are an important tool to rebuild effective relationships and allow employees to move forward in a positive way. Being independent and impartial, a workplace mediator from Arrow will employ a confidential process to repair relationships, improve communication and resolve situations. The process also teaches employees valuable skills for the future to avoid being in such positions. Mediation services help resolve issues such as harassment, personality clashes, office politics and poor team cohesion.

Bullying / Harrassment Workshops

In cases of bullying and harassment, HR departments can find themselves struggling to balance the best interests of the individual versus those of the company. In these situations, advice from a third party specialist can make all the difference. Arrow can help in resolving conflict, and building effective corporate communications strategies, policies and procedures to assess and handle complaints. At times we will also recommend that relevant key stakeholders undertake professional conflict management coaching to equip them better for such situations.

Conflict Management Workshops / Coaching

Workplace conflict is a surprisingly common issue. The way conflict is handled can make a big difference to productivity, morale and company reputation. Arrow Human Capital’s conflict coaching and conflict management workshops help by engaging your team in discussions, and providing specific tools and resources to skilfully address these situations. We cover emotional awareness, the definition of conflict, and strategies for handling conflict and difficult customers. Our facilitated workshop raises the ownership and responsibility of individual team members. Workshops may be implemented as a positive follow-up to mediation services and other measures.

Culture Workshops

An organisation’s culture is often defined by the founder or senior management and then permeates throughout the organisation. Whilst it is important for organisations to seek employees with similar values and vice versa, it is also important employees understand an organisation’s culture, including respect for other individuals. Arrow can help you to host a culture workshop to help define and communicate the culture and values of your organisation to all employees.

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