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Energy Tool – Part Two

Now that you've (hopefully) confronted and handled the areas of your life that drain you, it's time to refocus your energy. In this video, Anthony discusses how we can free up our energy and invest it in the things (and people) that enrich our lives, and energise us further. Downloads What
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Energy Tool — Part One

In this bonus video, Anthony discusses one of his most powerful tools for removing distractions in any area of life. He asks us: What (or who) drains your energy?  This…

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Biggest Mistakes

In this video, Anthony outlines the most common mistakes people make in interviews, and how to avoid them. He also provides some final tips on how to ace your interviews.

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How to Close an Interview

How you close an interview can leave a lasting impression. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to close one effectively, and conclude with something awkward… In this video, Anthony clarifies…

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Common Interview Questions

There are a few standard questions that tend to do their rounds in most interviews. How exactly should you answer them? In this video, Anthony explains how to best answer…

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Structuring Your Answers

In this video, Anthony shares a three step formula for answering most interview questions. He also covers what information interviewers look for, and whether you should use emotions in your…

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Preparation & Research

“What do you know about our company?” Do you recognise this questions? It’s an interviewing staple, and your answer can heavily impact how you come across in an interview. In…

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Interviewing, Simplified

There’s no need to fear the infamous job interview! In this video, Anthony outlines the key components of interviewing, including the three main questions you must answer. For those of…

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