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Executive Leadership Coaching

Helping leaders to reach their full potential and strengthen their teams

Being a good leader isn’t an innate personality trait – it’s a skill that is learned and improved over time. Our executive leadership coaching services equip candidates with the tools they need to effectively navigate times of change and are tailored to reflect the unique experience and expertise of staff. With executive leadership coaching available in person, on the phone or online, our services are designed to fit around busy schedules and high workloads.

Executive Leadership Coaching Services

Developing leaders that inspire others

Our executive leadership coaching services help employees to understand their aspirations and goals, and how these align with the way they present themselves and work with others. Our trained consultants can help to improve the communication, relationship management skills and personal image of executives in leadership roles in a way that empowers and inspires their teams.

Providing advice through career mentoring

Our executive leadership coaches act as a sounding board for leaders navigating the challenges of their career. Having access to impartial professional advice can help executives to make better decisions for themselves and their team. This can be particularly valuable for people who face challenges in the workforce, which may be linked to gender, health, family-life balance and individual personalities.

Nurturing the next generation of leaders

Our executive leadership coaching services can be delivered one-on-one or in group settings, helping employees to improve their confidence and empowering them to put themselves on a stronger career trajectory. Particularly beneficial for new leaders, high-potential employees and strong performers who have room to grow, our coaching helps to tap into natural skill-sets for their – and your organisations’ – benefit.

Unlocking the work/life balance

When leaders work long hours, it often leads to the loss of personal or family time and can have a negative impact on health and relationships. Our executive leadership coaching services help executives to develop skills to navigate this balance – setting healthy priorities and learning to say ‘no’ to regain energy at work and home. 

Understanding values and personalities

Professional values assessments and personality profile tools help employees to find out what’s important to them regarding their career. These assessments help employees to understand themselves in terms of their worldview, lifestyle and influences – and what these traits say about their personality and strengths. Assessments are followed by a comprehensive debriefing session with an executive coach.

Improving the onboarding process for new employees

Onboarding coaching helps employees and executives to develop productive and efficient pathways into a new role. In turn, new employees are able to meaningfully contribute to the organisation sooner, and the chances of long-term retention are increased.

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