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Inspire Leadership with Executive Career Coaching

Author and executive coach Brian Tracy, in his bestselling book How the Best Leaders Lead, heavily promotes the seven key qualities often used in executive career coaching, defining the true elements that make up leadership: integrity, humility, foresight, focus, co-operation, courage and vision. These qualities are common ground for employers that can identify employees with high potential within their workforce. But being able to use these abilities to create efficient leaders, is a challenge in itself.

Knowing your employees and what drives them means you can appoint your existing staff members into more senior positions, instead of having to hire externally. Establishing a knowledge of how your business runs and how the people within it go about running it, will allow you to make beneficial decisions that will save you the time and money associated with future recruitment.

It’s highly advantageous for employers to look to those who can potentially lead, and executive coaching is a great way to unleash these qualities. Additionally, you will motivate your staff to commit to a culture that pushes them to achieve, where they are passionate about what they do. Nothing is more important to employees than knowing they have room to progress—show yourself as an Employer of Choice with leadership development coaching.

What does executive career coaching involve?

Arrow’s Leadership Coaching programs are designed to work one-on-one with clients, or in group sessions. These career training solutions help draw out the essential leadership qualities of high potential by coaching and assessing them to discover their abilities. A Leadership Development coach will:

  • Provide 360 Degree Assessments aimed to obtain an honest opinion on how they are seen by other colleagues and stakeholders to then improve these areas
  • Coach employees on their visions for the future and direct them to establish a firm route to success
  • Coach high potentials on how to lead positively and with integrity by adhering to accountability and responsibility
  • Inform staff on how to advance as a leader and leave their career comfort zone by overcoming obstacles and striving to achieve
  • Take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and provide them with effective executive career coaching on problem areas
  • Show your staff how to build teams and co-operate
  • Help employees better their techniques and skills towards managing difficult discussions
  • Initiate in role playing to properly address specific contexts
  • Helping staff to create a healthy work-life balance through informative coaching
  • Provide staff with career image consultations to ensure all employees are representing themselves in the most appropriate manner

In some circumstances, our Leadership Development Training can link with our Career Mentoring Program, to help high potentials unlock the benefits of furthering their leadership skills and confidence. This mode of executive career coaching assists top-level management in bettering their overall performance.

For more information on Arrow’s Leadership Development Programs, or to book an appointment with an executive coach, call us on 1300 667 634, or drop us a line at .

Can’t visit our offices? Our executive coach programs are available through our online video coaching resources.

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