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Executive Career Coaching

Helping leaders to reach the next level

When executives and leaders are faced with the prospect of change, they need advice and support tailored to their level of experience and expertise. That’s where our executive coaching comes in. We offer a wide range of services from career mentoring and leadership development to work/life balance training. Our tailored transitioning programs will help them find the next appointment in their career journey.


Executive Services

Our executive coaching service helps top professionals become leaders who inspire others. Your career coach will help you learn to manage your own internal aspirations and goals, and discover how you externally present to others. Our tailored packages can cover career objectives and planning, and aspects of your work such as speech writing and delivery, communication, relationship management, difficult conversations, work-life balance, and personal presentation / image.

Work/Life Balance Coaching

When leaders work long hours to fulfil the many demands of their organisation, it often leads to a loss of personal or family time, impacting health and relationships. Arrow’s work-life balance executive coaching helps individuals develop the skills they need to have a healthier balance between work life and personal life, to set healthy priorities, to learn when to say ‘no’, and regain energy at both work and home.

Career Mentoring

An executive coach can act as a career mentor – like a sounding board who helps their mentee move forwards in their professional journey and overcome the barriers and hurdles they are facing. Arrow’s career mentoring programs can be conducted through both face to face meetings and phone calls or online video calls. Mentees can learn to improve their decision making, strengthen their professional skills and move forwards in their professional life.

Leadership Development Coaching

Arrow’s leadership coaching programs are designed to work one-on-one with individuals, or in group sessions. Our leadership coaches draw out the essential leadership qualities of high potential employees by assessing them to discover their abilities, and training them in new management and leadership skills. Participants can gain a new commitment to achieve, and a new passion for what they do.

Workplace Coaching

Workplace coaching is a way to help existing employees to improve in their performance, confidence and self-esteem, and encourages them to do their best. It’s particularly beneficial for new leaders, high-potential employees, and good performers who have an area of weakness. Workplace coaching focusses on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, taps into their natural skillsets and then helps provide a clear pathway to achieving their goals.

Onboarding Programs

Onboarding coaching is the ideal way to make a new employee’s transition period productive and effective. Arrow’s onboarding coaches work to give onboarding employees, executives and managers a positive experience, which will have them contributing earlier and increase the likelihood of long-term retention. The other benefit is that businesses see a contributing value from their new employees as early as possible.

Women’s Coaching

Women who are constantly juggling family, child-raising and corporate responsibilities, can experience stress, anxiety, burn-out and a gradual withdrawal from productive work. Women’s executive coaching is aimed at supporting women who may be struggling to keep a balance between their many responsibilities. Arrow’s specialised women’s coaches will coach and mentor women through their hurdles and deliver solutions that make them feel confident in their ability to cope.

Values Assessments and Personality Profiles

Professional values assessments and personality profile tools help individuals find out what’s really important to them regarding their career. These assessments asks a series of questions based on values such as helping others, contributing to the world, solitude versus team-work, influence, lifestyle and more, as well as questions about preferences that indicate personality and strengths. Assessments are followed by a comprehensive debriefing session with an executive coach.

Interview Coaching and Role Play Exercises

Regardless of an individual’s level of seniority, there’s always something valuable to be learnt from interview coaching. Many leaders and executives gain great value from our interview coaching and role play training. Our coaches cover every aspect of the interview process. Arrow’s interview coaching looks at what we call the Five Ps: preparation, psychology, presentation, practice and professional secrets.

Resumes and Cover Letters

No matter how many resumes and cover letters an executive or leader has leafed through themselves, they often need advice in crafting their own. Our resume training is an important aspect of executive career coaching that helps the candidate to craft and format their resume and cover letters in a way that is concise, effective, and attracts the recruiter. We advise on keywords, information hierarchy, promotion of skills and achievements, and tailoring individual resumes to each job application.

Networking and Linkedin for Leaders

Why develop a professional network and how do you go about it? What is LinkedIn and why is it important? Our coaches will help leaders and executives to understand the importance of networking, and using online social tools, to connect with people in the work marketplace. Learn to build a network and set up a LinkedIn profile, to attract professional opportunities to you.

Online Video Coaching

Busy executives and leaders will benefit from coaching via online video link at times that best suit them. This enables us to continue a coaching program while the coachee is travelling, or simply in the midst of a busy schedule at a location and time that best suits them.

Careers Portal

Executives and leaders undergoing career mentoring and executive coaching have access to a large library of valuable resources to help them in their career transition period, through our  Careers Portal.

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