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Online Resources For Starting A Business

Where to find Help Government Bodies ASIC – for company registration and legal requirements Australian Business Register – register for an ABN and other tax obligations such as GST Australian Tax Office – for small business tax information – an online government resource for the Australian business community – particularly their Starting A Business

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Linkedin For The Self Employed

After thinking about returning to the corporate world, maybe you’ve decided that what you want right now is not a new job, but to work for yourself. If you have an inspiration and an idea, starting your own business is one of the best ways for you to realise your

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Compliance & Insurance

Choosing a business structure There are several different types of business structures you can operate under. Here’s a brief overview of your options. Sole Trader – A type of set-up whereby the business has no separate legal existence from its owner. You can use a business name or your own name and

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Staffing & Premises

Employing Staff Employees will be one of the greatest assets of your company, so spend the right amount of time and invest to find the right talent. There are numerous job boards to advertise on ( is a good place to start; see the Job Boards page in this portal for many

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Naming Your Business

The name of your business could have big impact on its future. So take the necessary amount of time — and steps, to get it right. When choosing a name, consider the following: Competitors – What have your competitors named their businesses? Try to set your business apart. Your Business Goals – What

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Business & Marketing Plans

One of the most essential steps before starting a business is to write a Business Plan, as well as a Marketing Plan. This step is crucial, no matter the business size. It’s important to put in writing your plan for how your business will be built. Writing a Business Plan Generally a business plan should

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Is It Viable?

Be brutally honest. Your startup needs to be something you can make a profit doing or delivering. Ask yourself: would you buy your proposed product or service? Run the numbers: will customers pay enough so that you can recover your initial set-up capital and ongoing fixed costs and make a

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Start With ‘Why’

Entrepreneurism and solo start-ups are on the rise in the Western world. There seems to be a shift occurring in the way people want to work and a lot of that has to do with flexibility, autonomy and passion. But before you get moving on your own business, there a number of

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