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Cover Letter Templates

Most people waste their Cover Letters with boring cliches that are meaningless to recruiters and hiring managers. Designing the perfect Cover Letter takes time and focus. You must tell a compelling story of why you want to work for the company, why you are a perfect fit, list relevant achievements

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Resume Templates

Resumes come in many different styles and formats. There is not one format that is regarded globally as the ‘ideal’ format. Hence, you need to choose a format that represents you well. It must be clear, concise, professional and easy to read. You want to be comfortable with the style and

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Compiling Your List of Referees List your referees on a separate sheet of paper, not on your resume. As opposed to handing over the details of your referees at interview, it is can be to your advantage to hold onto their details and only hand them over when the hiring

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Career Profile Suggestions

Usually at the top of your resume, just under your personal details, is a section named “Career Profile”. It’s sometimes referred to as “Career Overview” or “Career Summary”. It should be a short paragraph and can include your background, skills, areas of expertise, industries worked in, years of service, systems specialisations

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What Should Resumes & Cover Letters Include?

What is a Resume? A résumé (which means ‘summary’) is a document that contains a summary of your job experience and education. It’s usually the first thing a potential employer sees to give them information about the job seeker. It’s usually used to screen applicants when seeking employment before being selected for an interivew. Your resume

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