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Preparing And Following Up

What Should You Take With You? Your Resume A printed list of your References A note pad and pen Your list of questions for the organisation Samples of work, if appropriate Copies of degrees, training course results, awards. Other Hints Make sure you know where it is – you don’t want

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Pay Negotiation

When preparing for a job interview it’s helpful to consider what lessons you have you learned when negotiating salary in the past. Many people change career or pursue a particular role for better pay as well as better prospects. We will now look at how you can best negotiate salary. The first consideration – YOU

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Body Language

Extensive research has been conducted into the meaning associated with body language. The most important consideration is to observe for (mis)alignment. Body language should align with the spoken word. Interviewers will look for sudden changes in body language / other cues such as: Type of eye contact (bearing in mind, in

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Questions You Can Expect

Following are a list of typical questions and strategies for answering them. “Tell me about your career history…” When answering this, be direct and concise. They want your career history, not life story. Ensure you account for all your roles as you do not want them suspecting you of concealing some truth.

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Other Interview Types

Subsequent Interviews You may be called back for further interviews because you are a likely prospect for their position. It is usually conducted by the person who conducted the original interview or other key members in the organisation who have a stake in the hiring decision. Structured vs Unstructured Interviews Screening Interviews,

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Face To Face Interviews

Face-to-face interviews are typically conducted by the line manager for whom you would be working. Alternately, a tandem interview may be used where more than one interviewer is present. In addition to the line manager, there may also potentially be a HR Consultant, the manager’s manager, a potential peer or

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Screening Interviews: Over The Phone

What Is A Screening Interview? A screening interview is a phone interview completed before meeting a candidate face-to-face. It is “business” focused and allows the hiring manager to identify ideal candidates before meeting them personally. It also allows them to filter out those candidates who do not fit the job requirements.

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The Two Main Purposes Of Interviews

What is ‘Interviewing’? Circle the statement that you think is the literal definition of ‘interviewing’… Assessing another Asking a question Looking at each other Conversation The correct answer? Interviewing is literally interpreted ‘looking at each other’.  While it does involve all of the above, essentially its purpose is to enable two or more people

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