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Career Vision Statement

Ever taken a trip and not known where you were headed? To reach any destination, you need to know where you want to get to and how you’re going to get there. The difference between just having a job and having a Career is Vision. Where you’re heading needs to

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Your Checklist For The Future

In this module, we’ve now covered many areas of your professional and personal life including: skills and traits, performance reviews, accomplishments, talents and strengths, personality, interests, values and drivers and day-to-day preferences. What we’ve been aiming to achieve is to understand who it is that you have become. What makes you

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Day-To-Day Preferences

What are your needs, desires and preferences on a day-to-day basis? If you’re a parent and spending time with your children is important, you probably won’t want to consider a role that is a considerable distance away, with demanding work hours If you enjoy doing volunteer work every Friday, you

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Values and Drivers

What motivates you at work? What drives you? What do you value? Often, people choose a career for all the wrong reasons, and find their responses to the workplace are incompatible with their true values and motivations. This may produce feelings of unrest, discontent and a loss of productivity. Also,

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What are you interested in? Our interest in the work we do is a key motivating factor for work. If we are interested in our work, we will find it more enjoyable, be more motivated to learn about it, develop relevant skills, work hard, and persist through difficult challenges. These

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How would you describe your personality? Finding a career that best fits your personality profile may be a factor to consider when thinking about professional success. Far too often, people start out on career paths for the wrong reasons, for example… opinions by well-meaning parents or teachers, taking a job “while

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Talents & Strengths

Professionally, what are you really good at? This covers the area of knowledge attained and also the skills that you have mastered over your working life. Take into special consideration your last three roles but also include your previous roles, life experiences, formal education, training, feedback from others etc. Don’t

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An accomplishment is something you have achieved to help fulfil a need or benefit to yourself or others. During a job interview, your accomplishments will ‘sell’ your abilities. They tell a future employer what you have done well and suggest how you will add value to their company. It is therefore important

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Recent Performance Review

Be honest, how competent were you in your last significant role? Success in day-to-day activities not only reveals your work habits but also your accomplishments. Let’s examine where you were able to hit the mark and where you might need additional development so that you can hit the target in

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Skills & Traits

Okay, now let’s assess what general category of skills you possess and your relative strength in each category. Note: This assessment is aimed at lower level workers, clerical staff, factory workers, students and graduates. This is not designed for Executives and Management level staff. This assessment focuses on the following

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