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Who Are We

Arrow Human Capital:
Your trusted partner in times of change.

We are providers of specialist Outplacement Services across Australia – supporting corporations, non-profits and government organisations during periods of restructure. We’ll smooth the way for your departing staff, and bring a reassuring, expert presence to the rest of your team. Our aim is to help you navigate change, and become an employer of choice.

Helping Your Staff

Increase team cohesion

Improve employee satisfaction

Reduce stress surrounding change

New careers for staff who are leaving

Empowering workshops

One-on-one coaching

Job search guidance

Redundancy becomes an opportunity

Helping Your Organisation

Increase productivity

Minimise risk of litigation

Maintain a good reputation

Retain top performing staff

Become a preferred employer

Resolve workplace tension

Improve your profits

Affordable prices

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What We Do

We can help your organisation during many kinds of change. Explore our suite of services…

Helping you manage your restructure

For staff facing redundancy or change

Helping leaders to reach the next level

Resolving tension in the workplace

Helping develop your staff teams

Valuable resources for Coaching Candidates

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Why Use an Outplacement Specialist?

It’s commonplace today for organisations to undergo major restructurings. The executive business world is finding itself more and more in need of efficient outplacement services that support employees during these times of change. Outplacement providers not only help departing employees; their presence also reassures remaining staff that they too can expect the best of care. Employers in today’s corporate environment need to maintain their commitment to care and respect for staff. Whether employees are departing or just arriving, it’s crucial for workplace cohesion that they feel part of a team, and well supported.

Why Choose Arrow?

  • Our reputation as one of the most dependable outplacement companies in the business industry is recognised around Australia.
  • We deliver quality, caring career transition / outplacement services that help both organisations, and their departing employees.
  • Our trustworthy team has a combined 80 years’ experience in executive consulting, coaching, human resources, mediation management and recruitment.
  • Each of our talented team members aspire to achieve the highest standards of professional conduct.
  • We work tirelessly to tailor a package that meets your organisation’s unique needs.
  • We genuinely care for your organisation, your leaders and your staff, and aim to help you navigate change as smoothly as possible.

Helping Organisations

With Outplacement Services you can turn a restructure into a positive experience.

  • Your organisation will be 25% less likely to face separation-related litigation.
  • You are 50% more likely to improve profits, compared to companies that don’t engage outplacement services
  • With a fresh, revitalised team you can also increase work productivity by up to 100%
  • Be known as a responsible and caring business; an “Employer of Choice”
  • Keep your team positive, focused and efficient during change.
  • Resolve the tension of negative events
  • Care for departing employees by ushering them into a new career
  • The cost of these many advantages is less than 5% of the total costs of separation.

Helping Indivuals

Our Outplacement Programs give leaving / redundant staff many forms of support, including:

  • A safe environment to debrief and discuss the emotional side of losing a job
  • A better understanding of strengths, interests, personality and aspirations
  • Professional analysis of career aspirations and opportunities
  • Resume and job-search advice
  • Individual coaching to improve interview skills
  • Executive coaching for leadership and management level staff
  • Advice on networking and self-marketing skills, both online and offline
  • Project management to help them take control of the job search process
  • Help to embrace change as a positive opportunity
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